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Outdoor Movable Cart Kamado BBQ Charcoal Grill with Side Plates



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Outdoor Movable Cart Kamado BBQ Charcoal Grill with Side Plates

All Monolith Kamados are constructed from extremely heat-resistant ceramics, combined with high grade stainless steel, with the high insulating capacities of the heavy ceramic and the clever regulation of the air flow into the kamado meaning that the temperature can be controlled more successfully than in any other type of grill plus the charcoal consumption is approximately 25 – 50% lower than with a more typical charcoal grill.

Cooking temperatures can be achieved rapidly due to a chimney effect meaning you can cook within 15 minutes of lighting using much less fuel during preheating with the ceramic keeping most of the heat in so external temperatures are much lower. The heat retention capabilities of the ceramic are such that a Monolith Kamado is fantastic to use in winter being perfect for creating hearty winter stews and slow braised dishes.

Monolith Kamados feature a unique smoke wood pellet feeder system consisting of hinged access to the firebox and a feed chute so wood pellets can be put into the fire with no need to remove the lid. Just open the hinged access hatch, insert the feed chute, and push the wood pellets into the fire with the tool supplied.

Pro-Series Monoliths all feature:

The Smart Grid System which consists of two half-moon cooking grates, two half-moon interlocking drip trays and two half-moon deflector stones which all can be positioned in any one of 4 height settings of the stainless-steel frame which they are built into. The stainless-steel frame can be easily lifted in and out of the Monolith in one simple movement.
The Pro Series Firebox features a set of five segmented ceramic pieces which are seated in a stainless-steel frame funnelling ash down to a concave shaped ash collector and profiled stainless-steel shovel for even greater efficiency and simplicity of use.
Easy build cart.

New for 2021, Monoliths new Pro-Series 2.0 brings the reliability and quality we love from Monolith with new innovations, making them one of the finest ceramic kamado style grills on the market.

The 2.0 features the following brand new and kamado defining features:

New Stainless-steel and Fibre Glass Gasket seal:
Now with a new stainless steel and fibreglass seal. When replaced every 3-5 years, the seal is almost maintenance-free and way easier to clean than before. Whether you use the fire plate or the wire brush: the new seal is armed against any encounter with fire and steel. Extended life fibre mesh gasket stapled to the lid removes the possibility of adhesive de-lamination at high temperature and a stainless-steel plate replaces the base gasket so no need to Ever replace.

New Hinge system:
More flexibility combined with even more stability. Monolith have adjusted the lid’s pivot for it to be opened with even less effort. In addition, the lid’s weight ensures it lying firmly on the grill, sealing the inner chamber better than ever before.

Now GURU Ready!
No more compromises: The Pro Series 2.0 comes with a built-in adapter, to which the blower can be mounted with just one simple move. This way, you are always ready for your next BBQ – and the time-consuming installation of the adapter plate will be a thing of the past. This means you can fit an optional BBQ Guru controller in seconds.

New top vent!
Equal function in a new style: The redesigned cast iron valve guides the smoke directly upwards and out of the grill. The new slide system offers more stability and feels even better than before. Designed to maintain a stable position even when the lid is opened and closed.


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