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Privacy Policy


Our customers are our strength and it is our preference to make them safe and comfortable. To make them secure is not only our legal duty but also an ethical duty. We give additional importance to this duty so that our customers can easily make purchases from us with the authorization of the safety of their privacy. We provide the ultimate level of safety to our customer’s privacy to make them comfortable and loyal.

This privacy policy section will conscious the clients about how their data is collected, maintained, and security is ensured.

1. Crucial information related to privacy

A data privacy manager is hired who will be liable to reply to any of your questions related to your privacy. Consumers are conscious of their data collection, maintenance, and safety so they can get to know that their data will be used only for processing and will not be misused.

2. Contact details

Here are the contact details for any question.

The full details of Charcoal BBQ UK are:


+44 012 1318 1899

Data Privacy Manager:

Khan Suleman

Email address

Postal address:

152 – 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

3. How will the data be collected?

Data is collected by using either automated interaction or direct interaction.

4. Aim to collect data

We collect data for processing purposes only. We do not share your information with any third party or with anyone. The data is only disseminated to those organizations which are working on our behalf. The data is shared for your interest and with your approval keeping in view the UK law. The organizations with which we share your data are given below:

Marketing communications agencies

Market analytic service providers

Direct marketing communications consultants

Market research service providers

Credit reference agencies

IT support


Payment providers

Technical Data:

a) Google Analytics (based outside the EU)

b) The providers of search information (Google-based)

c) The networks of advertisement

Transaction, contact, and Financial Data from the providers of delivery, payment, and technical services (PayPal based inside the EU) and Contact Data and Identity from Public sources (Electoral Register inside the EU)

6. Cookies

Different types of cookies are used for reasonable tasks. Customers have the freedom to approve or reject cookies.

7. Transferring information outside the EEA

Some organizations which are supporting us are located outside the European Economic Area, so your personal information is transferred outside the EEA by obliging the laws. We promise that customers’ information will be used only for legal needs by these service providers.

8. Legal advisors

Data is disseminated for processing only. We are fully aimed at not publicizing your personal information. The third party that deals or processes your data complies with information protection law.

9. Third parties

Your data can be shared with the following third parties for your concern:

a) Service providers as processors in EEA or outside. They offer IT services, system administration, web services, enhancement services, and accounting services.

b) Legal advisors work as processors and joint controllers, including bankers, lawyers, insurers, auditors, and consultants based in the UK. They offer legal services, consultancy, banking, and accounting services.

c) HNR&C, regulators, and other authorities based in the UK need reports of certain circumstances’ processing activities.

d) Credit agencies based in the UK as processors. They process your data to assess you for credit.

10. Changes to our privacy policy

The modifications in our privacy policy will be updated for convenience. We established the strategy by keeping in sense the laws and regulations according to UK law.

11. How we conserve your information

We use a secure socket layer (SSL) system. This is a common technology that gives a relation between websites and internet browsers. Firewalls hurdle unauthorized access to our servers established in a secure location.

12. How we use your personal information

We use your information only in the following circumstances according to UK law.

a) For contract

b) Your data is used where accepting with a regulatory and legal obligation is important

c) For our reasonable interests, but the violation of laws is strictly restricted.

13. Information Commissioner Office (ICO)

Customers have the freedom to complain to the Information Commissioner Officer if they find anything false related to the privacy policy or confront any illicit actions related to privacy.

Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lan




Phone: +44 012 1318 1899(national rate)