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Black Outdoor Digital Electric Smoker



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Black Outdoor Digital Electric Smoker

Set the time and temp using the digital control panel and experiment with flavour using the patented side wood chip loader. Master the art of smoking with Masterbuilt.

The Masterbuilt MES140B Digital Electric Smoker is the larger brother of the MES130B – with 1200W and over a third more cooking area. It has a handle and two wheels at the rear to make it easier to move this large smoker around. This Black Outdoor Smoker is easy to use, simply set the cooking temperature and time with the digital controller and adjust the air damper to control the amount of smoke in the cabinet. The fully insulated body ensures good heat retention, and a thermostat maintains a consistent temperature. The Smoker uses a patented side wood chip loading system enabling you to add flavoured wood chips without opening the door so you can maintain the internal temperature. You can choose to use dry wood chips, which burn faster and produce a more intense smoke, or you can pre-soak the chips in water for a slower burn and milder flavour. It comes with four chrome plated racks providing a total cooking area of 6,271cm², a water bowl, wood chip tray, removable base drip pan and a rear grease collection tray. By adding water, fruit juice or a combination of water and herbs, onions, or lemons to the water bowl you can add moisture to foods and subtle favouring. Ash is collected in the wood chip tray for easy disposal and the removable base drip pan has a hole in the centre allowing excess juices and grease to flow into the grease collection tray at the rear aiding cleaning. A small amount of assembly is required. The necessary steps are contained in the detailed Instruction Manual provided, together with operating information including a wood chip guide, along with smoking times and temperatures. The smoker should be pre-seasoned before first use to rid it of oil produced in the manufacturing process. This information is also contained in the Instruction Manual.


Model MB20072918

Width 64cm

Height 105cm

Length 50cm

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Dimensions: W 64cm x H 105cm x L 50cm


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